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Spider Dreams Annual

A look back at the year behind...
            ...and the year ahead.

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Each year, we'll look at the new material that we've developed, and compile it in one package.  These annuals won't include complete games, just the bits and pieces that we feel will benefit game masters, players, and publishers.  Some of what we'll offer will be open under the Open Game License.  We'll also try to offer a preview of the year ahead.
In the Best of 2003, we've put together new creatures, new feats, new weapons, new magic items, and more!  Also, there are previews of our first metadventure for  fantasy campaigns, as well as our debut metadventure (for modern settings), The Straw Man.  There's a lot of nifty stuff packed into 54 pages.
We're looking forward to next year as we get closer to the release of a couple of new game settings, new adventures, and some other stuff that we're very excited about.  Keep checking back for more information.
A small taste of what's inside the Best of 2003 is available below-- just click the cover!

Available 31 October 2003

2004 brought a lot of new stuff from Spider Dreams/Sacred Wolf, Inc.  Not only was the fourth (and final) part of Seipeal de na Nathrach released for fantasy d20, we also released a campaign sourcebook, Garath 'Nok:  City of Evil.  On the modern side, the Ignotus modern horror/conspiracy rules came out, with the first adventure/sourcebook, Desert Dreams-- there will be at least one more pack of scenarios coming out in early October, The Ignotus Halloween Special, featuring The Chaos Engine.  And to round things out, we've released Slade Stevens' ...Overworld for apocalyptic d20!
With so much new stuff, this year's Best of... annual is jam-packed with new material for any d20 game!  There are four categories, each with a lot of new material that we've opened up under the Open Game License over the past year.  "General" covers the material that's suitable for any setting; "Fantasy" covers the sword-and-sorcery end of things; "Modern" offers new classes, occupations, creatures, and more for gaming in the modern ages; and "Future" brings a bunch of new stuff to post-apocalyptic and futuristic settings.  We've also developed a short (6 page) scenario, exclusive to Spider Dreams:  Best of 2004, that can be played in any setting-- fantasy, modern, or future!
This will give you an idea of what's in store in each product, in addition to giving you more material to use in your campaign!
Release date:  31 October 2004.

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