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Seipeal de na Nathrach
Part 1, "The Hidden Temple" has just been converted to the Iron Gauntlets system, and is available at RPGNow.com.  If you're looking for a new system for newer players (or for experienced gamers who want the feel of the older games), check it out!
There are also links to the other Iron Gauntlets offerings from Politically Incorrect Games, including the rulebook.

                Metadventures (Meta-adventures) are designed for 4-6 characters, using  Active Exploits rules or other Open Game License rules.  Three brief side adventures and one main adventure are presented for different character levels/ development stages.  These may be used as one-shot stand-alone adventures, or may be worked into a campaign as a sub-plot.

                These oversized modules are designed for quick and easy play, with little preparation needed for the adventure.  As one-shot adventures, they can be used to promote characters between larger adventures, or as side trips to add flavor to the campaign.  When they are played as a sub-plot, these metadentures challenge the heroes to explore their world, and see the campaign setting as more than a series of adventures.  The shorter adventures are tied together with a common thread, leading up to a bigger payoff at the conclusion of the metadventure.  They may also inspire the game master to take the campaign in a different direction.

                 We hope that game masters find these useful, and that the players find them challenging and fun.


                  Now, you can see Seipeal de na Nathrach in action!  Check out an online PBEM version of Seipeal (authorized by Sacred Wolf, Inc.) at Wizard's Repose!


                  In addition to the metadventures series, we're developing books that will enhance the d20 experience.  Now available in print is our annual compilation of the newest additions to the d20 system:  Spider Dreams:  Best of 2003!  Get it in .pdf format at RPGNow, or in print at RPGMall!  (We're in the process of adding new products to our print catalogue, so keep checking back.)

                  Also, we have some exciting new campaign settings for the d20 and Active Exploits! systems!  In the coming weeks, we'll release details on these new game worlds.  We're working on previews for them that will be available here in March 2004!


For a full catalogue of our products, visit our shop at RPGNow.com!


Be sure to check out new annual, Spider Dreams:  The Best of 2003!



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Metadventures which are currently available:

Available now!

Seipeal de na Nathrach (for Iron Gauntlets)
Shadow of the Serpent coming soon
More than a fantasy Metadventure

The series is now available, at RPGNow.com, for the d20 System!

Seipeal de na Nathrach
Temple of the Serpent

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