Spider Dreams


Where your dark dreams are born
and where they return to die.

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Strange things happen for no reason.
The grass moves in a certain way that makes you think there might be something there.
You wake up from a nightmare unsure of where you are or what just happened.
You find yourself someplace that you've never been before, but it's all very familiar.
There is something moving through the grass.
You wandered inside your nightmare.
You have been there before.
It happens within the Ignotus.
The strange occurances, the odd circumstances, they are all part of your awakening to something bigger than you could imagine.
This is part of the first campaign setting for the d20 System from Spider Dreams/Sacred Wolf, Inc.  The world is under assault, and it has been for decades.  Perhaps even centuries.  There are those who are working to accelerate the assault, to bring about the Endtimes to secure their own power.
And there are those who want to keep it from happening.
Ignotus is a horror setting, but it is the sense of dread that will linger with the players.  It is a conspiracy campaign, though the theories are just a smokescreen to hide the real truth behind history.
A preview is available here.
Seven new feats, plus a new character class (for altered states of consciousness and dreams) are now available for the Ignotus setting (they can be adapted to fit any setting, though).  You can get them free here!
Guidelines for changing character occupations (or continuing with the occupations) is available here.
Desert Dreams is the first supplement for the Ignotus setting.  The characters experience strange dreams that give them a glimpse into the world as it is.  Along the way, they will learn more about the Ignotus itself, as well as the conspiracy that threatens the world as we know it.
Included in Desert Dreams are new character classes, a new starting occupation, and new weapons.
We still have a limited number of special edition print copies left!  Send us an e-mail to find out the availability (szymd@lycos.com).  The 220 page rulebook for the Ignotus setting, along with the first supplement, Desert Dreams are being sold together for just $35!  (plus $7 shipping and handling)  There are still a few Ignotus T-shirts left, as well (M-L-XL) for just $20.
Availability is very limited.

Free addition to Ignotus!
A Few Feats More

An Ignotus supplement
Desert Dreams preview

A free scenario!

It's coming...
Ignotus Halloween Special
15 October 2004

Scroll down and to the left for some free add-ons for Ignotus and the d20 System!
A preview of the big Ignotus Hallowe'en Special is here-- one scenario has been played at small cons, where it proved to be almost more of a challenge than the players were ready for.  The second is a new take on the Legend of Sleepy Hollow (which was an old legend long before film was invented).  The third is based on a recent find beneath in the Parisan catacombs (but may be set anywhere):  a film theater and a small bar, excavated from the stone beneath Paris.
For those who don't have the Ignotus campaign setting, we've added the rules stuff for the creatures, feats, and class special abilities-- you don't need the rulebook to play these scenarios!  Plus, we've expanded the list of creatures and the conspiracy mythos of the Ignotus setting for those who already enjoy it!
If anyone is interested in playing (or running) a Halloween play-by-forum game, drop me an e-mail or post a message on our forums.


Every culture has warned of it. 

Every time has felt it nearby.

The prophets and charlatans,

the poets and priests,

have all spoken of it.


It is the last breaths

of a dying universe.


It is where your

dark dreams are born

and where they return to die.


It is the End of All Things.


The Ignotus is imposing

its will on the world,

pressing in and guided through by

powerful forces who

seek to control the earth.


No one knows how long it

has been there, waiting.

Few know that it is there.


There are those who seek

to control the Ignotus,

and through it, control us all.

The conspiracy is deeper

than anyone can guess. 

The theories are just

a front to keep those

who seek the truth from finding it.


Features:  8 new character classes,

6 new starting occupations,

new feats and skills,

sample organizations

and conspiracies,

24 new creatures,

new rules and rules options,

magic and psionics.

And, of course, the Ignotus.


Requires the use of the

d20 Modern Roleplaying Game,

published by

Wizards of the Coast, Inc.

D20 modern and

Wizards of the Coast

are trademarks of

Wizards of the Coast, Inc.

in the United States

and other countries

and are used with permission.



Ignotus, Spider Dreams,

and Sacred Wolf are

copyright 2004, Sacred Wolf, Inc.


This is the t-shirt image.  (It looks a lot better on the shirt-- the small .jpeg doesn't do it justice.)  On back, it has the "Dark dreams" quote.

Thanks to the volunteers and the staff at A-Kon 15.  I appreciate it.