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This is the page to come to for the free stuff (once we have free stuff to give away).  Here, we'll introduce new products, and either provide free downloads or links to where you can get the free downloads.  Promotional offers and merchandise will be on a separate page, so if it's here, you won't be paying for it.
You can't beat the price...

Most of our free gaming stuff will feature Politically Incorrect Games' diceless rules system, Active Exploits!  (Seriously.  A diceless system that works.)  The folks over there have been kind enough to allow us to use their system to download trial versions of our games.
The Active Exploits rules are free to download, and they've got some nifty expansions, as well.  Check 'em out.

We've been working with Politically Incorrect Games to bring enhancements to their Iron Gauntlet RPG.  Here's a couple of free downloads-- one is a short scenario, and the other is a conversion set from fantasy d20 to Iron Gauntlets.  Both are free, and will give you an idea of what the Iron Gauntlets game is all about.

Politically Incorrect Games

Overworld Starter Pack cover
It's free...

We've just added rules for characters with disabilities.  It covers limb loss and the loss of a sense.  Included is a very brief look at the effects of a disability on an individual.
This will be included in our upcoming "Best of 2004" package.  There's also a thread on the forums.  We welcome any feedback that you have.

We've just added a new secret society to the Ignotus setting!  Confraria is a short scenario to introduce the society.  (Includes a prestige class.)

We have 7 new feats and one new character class for the Ignotus d20 campaign setting!  These feats and the character class were developed for Ignotus, but will work in any d20 campaign.  They are for dreams and altered states of consciousness.  Click here for the pdf!
Plus, guidelines for character Careers-- changing them midgame, or keeping them.

Get a preview of "Garath 'Nok:  City of Evil" and see what you'll get!

The "Slade Stevens' ...Overworld Starter Pack" is here!

The story of the Sacred Wolf

Boxing Dragon

Slade Stevens' ...Overworld introduction


kwitcherbichin-- it's free...