Spider Dreams

The story of the Sacred Wolf

the dream of the name...

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The Story of the Sacred Wolf


And in this dream, he saw a man who was seeing a vision.  The armies of all times and all nations, in their uniforms and armors, with their swords and spears, bows and guns, faced each other across an infinite line.

In the dream, he saw what the men saw.  A young Native American rode a buckskin-colored pony between the armies.  His eyes were closed, his head thrown back, and his arms spread wide.  On his chest was a symbol.  Three concentric circles of eagle feathers surrounded the face of a wolf.  On the sides of the wolfs head grew long, curved bulls horns that were the color of lightning.  The wolfs face was the color of fire, and the feathers were the color of blood.  The youth rode between the armies, without fear, even though they shot their arrows and bullets at him, and tried to cut him with their swords and spears.  Their weapons could not harm him.  As he passed, the armies of all times and all nations fell as a wave.

In the vision, the man saw the symbol on the riders back as he rode through the armies, his eyes closed and his head thrown back, and his arms spread wide.  It looked as though the feathers and the wolfs head had been burned through his body.


the Sacred Wolf...

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