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This is where I'll be giving updates and progress reports-- check back here for the new additions and news.

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09 October 2005:  It doesn't look like there will be a "Best Of..." this year.  Too many projects got pushed to the back burner for larger projects, and now everything is behind schedule...  I was hoping to have a new set of short scenarios for "Ignotus" done by the end of the month, along with a set of 3 short adventures for "Garath 'Nok," but things haven't gone as well as I would have liked.  With luck, we'll have something by the end of the calendar year.

RPGNow.com has just done a major overhaul to their site.  They've split the site in two-- one for the big publishers, and a second for the indies.  The new site (where you'll find the Sacred Wolf/Spider Dreams line) is at http://edge.rpgnow.com.  It's a real improvement, and both sites look really good.  This should be a boost to everyone, large and small presses alike.  It should make a positive difference.

It's almost 6 a.m.  I'd go through and set new links to the products at Edge.RPGNow.com, but I'm very tired.  Mahalo.


06 September 2005:  I've been meaning to update for awhile...  I still haven't been able to locate the image files for "Ignotus."  I have them in 2 CD-Rs and at least one floppy, which is like looking for a needle in a haystack around here.  (Always mark your back-up disks.)

We had a chance to talk to a few people this weekend who are doing nifty things.  One is Pair o'Dice Gamer Gear (www.thepairodice.com), who do gaming-related T-shirts.  Their site should be up soon.  The Forge, Attactix, and Mountain Mage are retailers in the Denver, CO area who have been supportive of our products, so we wanted to mention them.  If you find yourself in Denver, check 'em out.

There are a few projects coming up for IgnotusGarath 'Nok:  City of Evil, and d20 fantasy.  We're still working on getting Temple of the Serpent converted to the Iron Gauntlets system (from PIGames), as well as a couple of bigger projects for their systems.

It might take awhile to get the different projects set, but we are looking toward the next steps for our product lines.

Until next time... 


10 June 2005:  Holy cats!  It's been 6 months since my last update...

First, for those of you looking for news on the posters (images from Ignotus), it may be a couple more days.  I've misplaced the image files.  The bad thing is, they're both on three or four discs (backups and discs that the printer used).  I will track them down soon....

I'm in the process of developing another 3-pack of short adventures (similar to the "Halloween Special" for a modern campaign, available at RPGNow.com) for D&D.  The basis for these adventures is Garath 'Nok:  City of Evil.

Which leads me to the next update:  a small errata sheet for Garath 'Nok will be available in the coming weeks.  I will likely add it to the download at RPGNow.com (those of you who already have Garath 'Nok will be given a new link for the updated version).

When I do the next update (the announcement of where to get the posters), I'll add the link to R. T. Phillips' site.

Lastly, progress is being made on The Off-Worlders supplement for Slade Stevens' ...Overworld.  We're getting the final stuff ready for the d20 version, and the Active Exploits version should follow shortly thereafter.


27 December 2004:  The year is drawing to a close, and we're looking toward another new year.  Garath 'Nok:  City of Evil is now available in print at RPGMall.com.  Part 2 of the Seipeal de na Nathrach series of adventures for the Iron Gauntlets game from Politically Incorrect Games is getting the final edits, and should be out early next month.  We're also gearing up for a couple of cons this year.  We're hoping to hit more than we did last year.

Things have improved over the last year, and I want to thank everyone who has given us support.  It's the gamers who take a chance on smaller publishers who make this possible.  Happy New Year!


11 December 2004:  Garath 'Nok:  City of Evil is now at the printers.  As soon as it's ready, I'll be adding it to RPGMall.com, at a special price.

Things have been moving quite a bit here-- I've just finished a conversion of D&D to Politically Incorrect Games' Iron Gauntlets RPG, so you can keep your favorite characters even if you change systems.  The second part of Seipeal de na Nathrach ("The Shadow of the Serpent") for Iron Gauntlets should be out soon.  The PIG crew has been busy lately, bringing new additions to their GDi and imPressa lines.  They have some exciting stuff over there.

Also, we've been working on the next supplement for our Ignotus conspiracy/horror setting.  The Halloween Special offers gamers a chance to check out the setting without the rulebooks, and it gives those with the books a new organization to help keep the characters informed, and give them help if they get stuck.  The second full scenario, "Mathematics of the Stars" features a serial killer-- with a twist.  There will also be a pretty significant rules addition (along with at least one new class, and maybe a couple of feats).  It's still in development, so I'll give more info when it gets closer to completion.

Happy holidays!


17 September 2004:  We've just released "Garath 'Nok:  City of Evil" at RPGNow.com.  This sourcebook will add a new dimension to any campaign, from beginning to epic.

Plans are in the works to convert this supplement to the "Iron Gauntlets" game from Politically Incorrect Games.  (If it sounds like I'm talking about it a lot, there's good reason.  It's one of the most flexible systems that I've seen.  When I first saw it, my first thought was that it had the feel of the old red-and-blue books.  It took me back to when everything was still new and full of possibility.  I can't say enough good about it.)

The "Seipeal de na Nathrach" material for "Iron Gauntlets" is coming along.  (Part 1, "The Hidden Temple," is available at RPGNow.com for just $3.50.  It's a good way to get a feel for the system without spending much money.)  The target release date for Part 2 is 31 December, which really isn't too far away.  Part 3 is moving along-- we've added a bunch of new stuff that fleshes out the scenario well.  Part 4 will be more of a challenge, since the characters will probably be doing some dimension-hopping.  That's still in the planning stages.


12 September 2004:  I've just set up a new forum.  It doesn't look like fanbb.com will be running anytime soon.  Check out the new forums here.


08 September 2004:  A couple of things are coming up soon.  First, I've just recieved the manuscript for "Garath 'Nok:  City of Evil" by Jacob Schwartz and Christopher Craft.  This is one of those projects that it's difficult not to get excited about.  The concept is fresh and well-developed, and it fills a gap that has only been touched on in other supplements.  This is a great addition to any fantasy campaign.

I've also heard that Politically Incorrect Games is putting together an Active Exploits CD.  It sounds like they're pulling together all of the AE material that's available to them, including "Slade Stevens' ...Overworld."  If I get more details, I'll pass them along.

It also sounds like "Seipeal de na Nathrach" for "Iron Gauntlets" (from PIGames) part 2 is going into pre-production.  More on that as I get more info.

For those of you who came by the booth at Tacticon:  I didn't find out until Sunday that some misinformation was being given out about "Ignotus."  At this time, there are NO plans for another printing.  Some of the issues that we're looking into (such as firearms damage) might be covered in supplemental material, but there are NO plans for introducing them into the guidebook.  I apologize for the confusion.  Those of you who may have passed up the "Ignotus" guidebook because of the "new edition" speculation can contact me at szymd@lycos.com to order a copy.  I will pay postage for these orders.

Thanks go out to the staff, exhibitors, and the fans at Tacticon!  We had a great time.

(I'll try to set links to everything in the next few days.  No guarantees, though.)


11 August 2004:  Slade Stevens' ...Overworld is now available for the d20 System!  This version is compatable with any d20 rulebook.  It has special classes and characters that won't be found in the Active Exploits version.

Also, progress is being made on the next Ignotus supplement-- it's still in the plotting stages, but it's looking like it'll be an interesting ride...

Seipeal de na Nathrach Part 4 is coming along.  After converting Parts 1 and 2 for the Iron Gauntlets game from Politically Incorrect Games, it's taking me a little adjusting to go back to the d20 version.  (We're hoping to be able to work with PIGames on other projects after SdnN.  They have a similar philosophy to mine:  this isn't just an industry, it's a community.  From the publishers to the fans, we all want the same thing.  Better games and lower prices.)

The feedback from gamers on the Seipeal series has been very positive.  I'd like to thank everyone who has left comments.


06 August 2004:  "The Hidden Temple" has just been released.  Part 2 has been converted, and needs to go through the process of editing, graphics, and layout.  Once I get a target date, I'll pass it along.

Progress on the d20 version of Slade Stevens' ...Overworld is coming along.  With a little luck, I should have it ready by the end of the month.


13 July 2004:  I've just looked over the first level of "Seipeal de na Nathrach:  The Hidden Temple" for the Iron Gauntlets fantasy game from PIGames.  It looks amazing.  The tentative release date is 02 August 2004, at RPGNow.com.  I'm working on getting "Shadow of the Serpent" converted to IG, and reworking it in the d20 System for a print version (along with Part 1).  Meanwhile, Part 4 is moving along.  WotC has released some of the deity material under the OGL, so I'm trying to restructure part of the end with the access to that stuff in mind.


10 July 2004:  We're gearing up for another con (Tactican in Denver, Colorado September 3-5).  I say this at the risk of drawing criticism from other companies who seem to want to use my willingness to get out and talk to fans to their advantage.  (I haven't figured that one out, but it happened.)

Anyway, for those who can make it, there will be 3 Ignotus games taking place, one on Friday, two on Saturday.

In other news, "Seipeal de na Nathrach" Part 4 is about half done-- the demi-plane is turning out to be a bit more work than I thought it would be, but it's coming together.

Also, work's begun on getting the "Seipeal" material converted to the Iron Gauntlets system from Politically Incorrect Games.  We're working together to bring new adventures and material to that game (which has received good reviews so far-- check out GameWyrd's review).  This version will be closer (storywise) to the original idea for the Temple of the Serpent, thanks to their rules development.  I don't need to worry about stepping on toes with the critters they have (and I have the freedom to stretch a little with creature development).  More details as they develop.


11 June 2004:  We got back from A-Kon 15 in Dallas, Texas earlier this week.  The people who had a chance to try out Ignotus and Desert Dreams (we had a little trouble hunting down a GM) seemed to enjoy it.  (The majority of the characters ended up in a mental ward-- the odds are against that, but the dice were against the PCs.)

Overall, A-Kon was a good time.  The staff was incredible, the fans were cool, and the experience was positive.  I want to thank the staff of Living Room Games, Cumberland Games and Diversions, and Pen and Paper for their support (and for stopping by to chat).

There are still a few copies of the special edition of Ignotus available.  Details are on the Ignotus page.

Also, we're looking at getting a play by forum game going for Ignotus-- we're still looking for a forum host.  We'll post the details when we have them.

The art for Ignotus turned out increadibly well.  Check out artists Jaime Carrillo and R. T. Phillips!  (I'll set the link for Mr. Phillips' work when I find it.  Sorry.)


31 March 2004:  The year is slipping by too fast.  It seems like yesterday that wew were ringing in the new year.  Now, we're gearing up for A-Kon 15 in Dallas, Texas (June 4-6).  We've got a new modern setting that we're debuting there, and we're hoping to have "Slade Stevens' ...Overword" ready to preview for the d20 system.  Also, we're continuing work on Part 4 of "Seipeal de na Nathrach" and the next culture pack for the Active Exploits version of "...Overworld."  Keep checking back-- even though I haven't been getting updates posted regularly, we have new stuff coming out regularly.


01 January 2004:  Happy New Year!  (By the Gregorian calendar, anyway.)  We're wrapping up Seipeal de na Nathrach Part 3, which is our first product to feature art by Myke Rechlin-- a preview of his contribution is on the "SdnN" page.  Check it out!  We're also getting Part 4 together, as well as gearing up for new product lines for the new year.  Keep checking back for more news.


06 December 2003:  Work continues on "SdnN" parts 3 & 4.  We've added a couple of new creatures, new weapons, new magic items, and new prestige classes (some of which are included in "Spider Dreams:  The Best of 2003" available at RPGNow.com).  We're also pleased to have added artist Myke Rechlin to our team.  (The art for "SdnN" 3 & 4 is impressive.)

The personal business that's been taking time away from getting the last part of "SdnN" available (as well as the next expansion packs for "Slade Stevens' ...Overworld") is about to be finalized.  We should be back on a better schedule soon.  Thanks for sticking with us!


17 August 2003:  We're busy, retooling parts 3 & 4 of "Seipeal de na Nathrach."  We're adding a bunch of new stuff, new spells, creatures, prestige classes...  As much new stuff as we can pack in.  The first section has been doing well, and it will be the "official" Sacred Wolf product, even though future versions will be altered.  So, in a way, "Seipeal de na Nathrach" parts 1 & 2 (at RPGNow.com) is a limited edition.  If it ever finds its way into a print version, it'll be slightly different from this one.  We hope that you'll take a look at the current version, and pick up a copy.  ;)


08 July 2003:  It's been 3 months, I know...  The hiatus was unexpected-- some personal business came up, which took priority.  But, we're back, although we're way behind schedule.  Over the next few weeks, I'll be working on catching up with the changes, as well as continuing to develop new products.  The next add-on for "Slade Stevens' ...Overworld" is still in the works, and should be ready by the end of August (we'll try to get it together sooner).  Meanwhile, we're getting our D&D(R) metadventure ready for publication.  It's turned out to be bigger than expected, so we'll be offering it in two parts.  Each will feature two stand-alone adventures, which are part of a larger scenario for any campaign.  The first part should be ready for release in two weeks (the target date is 21 July 2003), with the second part coming soon after it.  Barring any more of life's little surprises.  ;)  We're going to add a couple of features that we didn't originally plan on as a bonus.  I'll keep you posted. 


06 April 2003:  The metadventure for the D&D(R) system has cleared the first major snag...  The folks at Wizards of the Coast(R) have been kind enough to allow us to use one of the properties not covered under the OGL, so work is continuing...  The second culture pack for the "Slade Stevens' ...Overworld" setting is also in development.  This one focuses on the Consumer-Associates of UNICorp.  There is no release date yet, since time has become tight...  We're also working on the best way to develop the setting for the D20 System(R), and hopefully have it ready for Autumn of this year...  It may be that we produce the core rules, with later additions (similar to how we've been developing the Active Exploits(C) system rules for the setting).  In the meantime, check out our first offering for the D20 Modern (R) system, "The Straw Man."


02 March 2003:  It's been awhile since I've updated.  The first metadventure (for the D&D(R) system) has hit a snag.  We're trying to find a way to work it out with Wizards of the Coast(R), but we're also trying to develop a contingency plan for it.  There is the possibility of a sourcebook for the saurian races (interested creators for such a project should drop us a line at szymd@lycos.com).  We are always looking for new ways to enhance the game.  (The playtest group has, so far, enjoyed the run through the metadventure.)  Instead, we are currently developing a metadventure for the D20 Modern (R) system, which should be released within the next couple of weeks.  It features new rules, new fx creatures, and a mess of possible plot threads.  A sneak peek at it is in the Metadventures and Other Products page.

Also, the forums at Politically Incorrect Games(C) has been fixed, and the old links work again.


15 January 2003:  The Metagenics Culture Pack is close to completion.  We're hoping to have it up for grabs by the end of the month.  Each Culture Pack will include more information about earth after the Fall, as well as some rules additions for each culture, stuff that wasn't deemed necessary to use the setting, but will enhance it.


06 January 2003:  Happy New Year!  We are making progress on the Metadventure, and it should be out by the end of the month.  It has (so far) a new creature and a new prestige class, and we're looking at developing more new stuff.  (I'm thinking about publishing a collection of the new stuff we develop, either semi-annually or annually, so that all the new stuff is available without having to buy a bunch of adventures and supplements just for get the creatures, feats, and spells...)

This initial Metadventure is almost the opposite of what I had envisioned the series to be like-- instead of two or three sections of set-up information and short adventures with a big payoff at the end, it's becoming three adventures with (hopefully) a really big payoff at the end.

"Slade Stevens' ...Overworld" has been getting more attention lately, which is great.  We hope that you're finding the setting fun, and we're still working on the Culture Packs (they've been put on the back burner until the Metadventure is completed).  The Metagenics should be unleashed either at the end of January or in February.


29 Decmber 2002:  This is why I don't like making hard deadlines, and send out press releases based on a hope.  There is no way that the first of the Meatadventures will be ready by the first of the year.  On the upside, part of the reason that it's taking a bit longer is because we have art for it.  We are still looking for artists (and writers), though.

We're looking at the end of January now for the release.  The first level of the first section of the Metadventure should be posted and available.  It's just one level of four adventures, so it's the tip of the iceburg.

The "Slade Stevens' ...Overworld" Culture Packs have been put on hiatus until the Metadventure is completed, but we will keep working on it, and we hope to have it ready soon after we release "Seipeal de na Nathrach: Temple of the Snake."

Happy New Year, everyone!


25 December 2002:  With luck, we should have the first part of our first Metadventures Series downloads (for the D20 system) available by the first of the year.  We'll be adding a new page for those soon, which will give more information about what the Metadventures Series is, and what it can do for your campaign.  We will be actively looking for more Metadventures for both the D20 and Active Exploits systems.

The first Culture Pack for "Slade Stevens' ...Overworld" is progressing slowly.  We decided to tackle the most difficult of the cultures first, the Metagenics.  Not only will there be more detail on the culture itself, but we'll be exploring their "evolutions," as well.  It should add a new dimension to the setting.  We'll keep you posted...


18 December 2002:  I was amazed at the number of hits that this site has received in the last two days.  And by the places that people are hearing about us from.  A side note here-- one of the reasons that I wanted to get into publishing, comics (at first), and now games, was to help bring more of a sense of community to the publishing end of things.  I'd always seen the sense of community among the fans, but it seemed that the publishers were always at odds, even when they were working together.  I really wondered if it would be possible to work with another publisher, even though they are "the competition."  I must say that I am impressed with the crew at Politically Incorrect Games, and I'm looking forward to working on the Active Exploits versions of the Spider Dreams products.  The "Slade Stevens' ...Overworld" campaign setting for Active Exploits was only supposed to be a single, 25 page item.  But, the response has been good, and the experience has been very positive.  We're going to give the setting expanded treatment for the Active Exploits system.  We're starting work on the Cultures Packs-- each culture will be getting separate treatment.  (We won't make any promises about limiting the number of expansions for any product line, but we will offer them at no cost whenever possible.  The Active Exploits versions of all of our games and accessories will always be free of charge.)  We're also starting development on the D20 version of the setting.

Also, we've added headlines from the Gaming Report (http://www.gamingreport.com/) to the front page.  Check 'em out.


15 December 2002:  The "Slade Stevens' ...Overworld Starter Pack" is now finished and available for download.  In the next few weeks, we'll be adding other packs to the "...Overworld" library, including more detailed looks at the cultures, creatures and the world itself.  Again, many thanks go to Brett Bernstein and the crew at Politically Incorrect Games.  (There's some other stuff in the works, as well...  We'll keep you posted...)


08 December 2002:  We're in the process of putting the finishing touches on "Slade Stevens' ...Overworld," adding a little art and new text.  We need maps and artwork, though.  (Chances are that if your work is used for any of our Active Exploits products, it will be used in our other products, as well.)  It won't be long now before we have the basic "...Overworld" download available in the final version.  We're looking at material for supplements and adventures for the Active Exploits version of "...Overworld," so keep watching...


05 December 2002:  The interest in "Slade Stevens' ...Overworld" has been better than expected.  We're working on tuning up the setting, and we'll be posting additions to the pre-release download as we get them finalized.  A sample map (North America after the Fall) will be posted soon.  The system still needs some tweaking, and we're working on getting everything together...  Keep checking back for details...  (We're also looking for artwork.)


30 November 2002:  We're close to having the text ready for final editing for the FREE download of "Slade Stevens' ...Overworld" Active Exploits! diceless game setting.  We should have it ready within the week (and I mean it this time).  There were a few details that were overlooked in the first draft, but they should be in it now.  In the "pre-release" release, there probably won't be much artwork, and we're working on figuring out a good way to present a "world" map (probably just the North American continent, though we're still looking into other options).  Stay tuned...


24 November 2002:  We've been working on the rules stuff for the "Slade Stevens' ...Overworld" diceless system.  With luck, we'll have it up and ready for download in the next couple of weeks.  It's still in process, but we're getting closer...


18 November 2002:  We're still adding to the D20 preview of "Slade Stevens' ...Overworld," and we're working on getting the Active Exploits diceless role playing rules for it put together.  (Keep checking the Free Stuff page-- we're trying to update weekly.)  We'll have a bunch of stuff in that version than in the preview pages, it'll be closer to looking like the full d20 version than the preview.  We're still looking for freelance writers and artists for D&D 3D products...


10 November 2002:  We now have some of the d20 game information for "Slade Stevens' ...Overworld" (the Cultures of Overworld).  Next, we'll feature the Professions, and we're working on getting the rules for the Active Exploits diceless system ready.  Those will be more complete than what we're posting for the d20 system (but they'll still be free).  We're also working on getting everything ready for downloading the rules in pdf format.  Let us know what you think.

Help out the other companies that are advertising on our site-- they're kind enough to let us advertise in exchange for their banners on our site.  It just takes one click of the mouse.  It's harmless.  It's free.


07 November 2002:  The licensing agreement for use of the d20 system has been submitted.  We've also heard back from Politically Incorrect Games about using their Active Exploits diceless system for future products.  We plan to offer trial versions using the Active Exploits system as free (gratis) downloads.  We've been working on Slade Stevens' ...Overworld, and hope to have some new background stuff posted soon, as well as the first part of the trial game using the Active Exploits system.  We're still working on it, but a downloadable version should be available within the next few weeks.  Until then, we have a couple of potential covers that we'll have on the "...Overworld" pages.  We like them enough that we're going to look into offering merchandise using the images.

We're also working on d20 stats for the Boxing Dragon.  A formidable foe for any low-level fighter.


04 November 2002:  We should be on a few search engines within the next few weeks.  We're now offering products for sale on CafePress.com.  We should have more stuff soon.  Also, we've updated "Slade Stevens' ...Overworld" in the Free Stuff! page.  We'll be adding more as time permits.


03 November 2002:  I signed the first contract today.  It's for an image that we'll be using in promotional stuff, which we should be offering soon.  With luck, we'll be going fully live within two weeks.  We'll start promoting this weekend.  Also, the story of the Sacred Wolf is in the Free Stuff page now...


29 October 2002:  The preliminary paperwork has gone through...  It will be at least seven days before the actual corporation is formed.  Until then, I'll be trying to get this site fully funcional.  I got the logo cleaned up a bit, but I'm still trying to find a real artist to design the final one.  (I have the UNICorp logo for "Slade Stevens' ...Overworld" fixed.  Once this stupid scanner accepts it, I'll replace the "off" one...)

Once I get confirmation of the formation of the corporation, I'll start filing with the owners of OGLs to get the use of their materials.  I've been able to get contracts drafted for other licensing agreements, and for creators.

After 16 years, I'm playing the waiting game again, this time for the finalization of the documents...


28 October 2002:  I'm working on content for "Slade Stevens' ...Overworld" while I'm waiting on the paperwork to go through.  The system won't be Open Game Content (at this point), but the introductory stuff will be gratis.  There are a couple of systems that we're looking into for the "...Overworld" game world to use.  At some point in the next few months, we'll codify the basic information, put the rules systems in place, and offer it to the public.  The decision to make parts of it Open Game material or not will depend on its popularity.

The game world will be updated periodically, as time and space allow.


27 October 2002:  Daylight savings.  "Spring forward, fall back."  (For those of you keeping score, as of 2 am today, we lost one hour-- it became 1 am.  It's an outdated system that needs to go away.)

Within the next few days, we should receive confirmation that we're a corporation.  Which means that we'll be able to start looking into actually publishing, and entering into licensing agreements (where necessary-- the Open Gaming licenses will need to be filed before any system-specific gaming stuff can be published, plus a few other legal hoops to jump through).  Plus, there's the work that needs to be done to the site itself.  Like cleaning up the "art" *snicker* that's on here.  And moving the updates to reverse-chronological order.  (If this is at the top of this page, it's been updated.)

Plus, we've added the Code Amber ticker.  It's a program that we believe in.


26 October 2002:  If all goes well, the initial filing will take place on Monday.  I'm trying to work it so that I can at least have a submissions page up by the end of the month.  At this time, we're looking at accepting submissions for art (color and black-and-white-- any medium, as long as it can be translated into electronic format easily), and for writing (probably short adventures using one or more of the Open License systems).  But, I won't rule out any RPG-related possibilities.  The submissions page will contain more details.  (There is the possibility of branching off into imprints for ease of identifying the type of products offered, so that it will be easier for people to find what they're looking for.)

Also, we'll be opening up a virtual storefront for other products (T-shirts, posters, and more) once everything else is in place.  We are looking into entering into agreements with other small businesses outside of the gaming industry, to promote both their products and ours.  More on that next week, as well.

Until the paperwork goes through, though, we're at a standstill.  Keep checking back...


24 October 2002:  I'm not too far from getting the paperwork filed, and getting the legal stuff out of the way.  The target is to have the basic stuff in place within a week, and the licensing stuff in place within two weeks.  With luck, we'll be going fully live by Thanksgiving.  As soon as the legal stuff is done, I'll have a submissions page up.  And a temporary mailing address.  Keep watching this space for info.


23 October 2002:  In the next couple of weeks, I hope to have everything in place to start offering products.  And the best way to introduce the company to gamers is to offer free stuff...  I'm working on the first product to offer, which I hope to have available for downloading through a couple of different systems.  We'll see what I can work out.  Also, I'll be taking submissions after I have everything in place, so watch for a guidelines page, and the Creator's Bill of Rights.  (While Spider Dreams might not be able to adhere to the ideal, the CBoR is what I would want as a creator...)

I'm starting to understand that I haven't even gotten started on this, even with the effort that I've put into it.  There's a lot that needs to be done just to get started...


20 October 2002:  I'm getting closer to getting the paperwork filed to start the business end of this site.  Until then, there won't be much added, except for a few links and fun stuff that I come across.  I've also learned that there are a few Open Gaming licenses available.  See:  http://www.opengamingfoundation.org/ for the listings.

I also have the Spider Dreams logo roughed out.


I just want to know why Tripod has been insisting that everything gets doubled anymore.  And I can't simply delete the redundant information.  *sigh*  If you see duplicate paragraphs, please let me know, szymd@lycos.com. 

The blog stops here.