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This is the beginning of something special in the gaming community.  Join us as we embark on the journey into new worlds of possibility...

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A short look at dreams about spiders...
Interpreting dreams about spiders
Spider Dreams the moon...

Welcome to Sacred Wolf Inc

Over fifteen years ago, I started looking into the possibility of starting a new small-press publishing company, dedicated to bringing new and unique works to the public.  What was being offered then, in the gaming and comics communities, was much less diverse than what is offered now.  Dozens of independent publishers are bringing their ideals of what games should be to the market, thanks, in part, to the Open Gaming Licenses and the accessability of the internet.

That is a beautiful thing.

Gamers now have access to hundreds of games, and to other gamers like never before.  There are now virtual conventions where gamers from around the world can gather without leaving their homes.

It's absolutely amazing how much the industry has progressed in a few short years.

In the coming weeks, we hope to have more information about possible products, including game supplements, and perhaps stand-alone games.  Also, we're looking into possibly publishing comic books, prose stories and novels, either online or in print editions.

We would like to see this grow into its own niche within the industry, helping to bring new talent into the business, give them the experience and exposure that's needed, while providing a quality product to gamers and readers.

Any input that you have would be welcome and appreciated.  This is, after all, for you, the gamers.

William A. Rae, president, Sacred Wolf Inc.


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Part 2, "Shadow of the Serpent," has just been released, and is available at RPGNow.com.  Click here to check out a sample.  It can be played as a stand-alone adventure, or as part of the story arc.  Keep checking RPGNow.com for the latest in the Seipeal de na Nathrach series.

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The world is insane.  People live blissfully, willingly, oblivious to what is really happening around them.  No one knows or cares about the odd things that occur occasionally, right?  The strange happenings in the headlines-- they're only to sell papers.  If they are happening, it's because someone went off the deep end.  They have to be.  Because the truth is far too dreadful. 

There is an invasion happening.  We're driving it.  But someone else is controlling it, calling the shots.

Behind the oddities, sheltered by the conspiracies, one group is seeking absolute control.  They want to bring our darkest dreams to light.  They want the power of Creation.

Ignotus for the modern d20 system.

Your nightmares have just come true.


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Seipeal de na Nathrach
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A D20 fantasy metadventure

Want to see Seipeal de na Nathrach in action?  Check it out at Wizard's Repose, the only PBF campaign authorized to use Seipeal.

Seipeal de na Nathrach Part 3 (trial version)
art by Myke Rechlin
Free preview

The wait is over!  The first installment of Seipeal de na Nathrach has just been released.  Click on the cover to see the trial version, or click here to buy the first D20 fantasy adventure from Spider Dreams!

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Spider Dreams:  The Best of 2003 (and New OGL Material) is now at RPGNow.

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