Spider Dreams

The Straw Man

A D20 Modern(R) Metadventure

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Metadventure Overview


                The Straw Man is the first in a series of adventures-within-adventures; that is, they are plots and sub-plots that are intended to be used as a backdrop or a diversion from an ongoing campaign, rather than an adventure with a set beginning, middle, and end.  Game Masters are encouraged to expand on the metadventures where they feel the story will help their campaign, and continue to use the characters and plot as a continuing thread within their larger campaign.  Each metadventure will have its own characteristics; some might be a general plot, with clues and hints toward a major development, but with little information until the final scene of the metadventure.  Others might have detailed events, short adventures that may be used as stand-alone adventures or part of the larger plot, that lead up to a dramatic finale.

                The Straw Man is a short introduction to metadventures; the setting is given, the major players are detailed, and some new creatures and items are given.  The timing and pace of the plot are left up to the GM to decide, and is left flexible to allow for different types of players.  It could be used as a brief diversion for the characters, or it could be developed over a span of time.  (One idea would be to replace the central character with one of the PCs.)  The NPCs could become recurring characters in the campaign, or they may simply be used as a device to move the plot along.

Detective Huntwerk was last seen on October 24, interrogating potential witnesses while following the trail of a string of missing livestock (ranging from chickens to prize stallions) south of New Orleans, near Dalcour, LA.  The last person that he saw was Sammi Gray, an elderly woman who has suspected connections to the more illicit groups between New Orleans and the Mississippi Delta.  Detective Huntwerks call had been social rather than part of the investigation; he had simply been visiting a friend.

The characters are called upon to find the truth behind the Detective's disaapearance, and his strange return.

This Metadventure features new rules for Outsider creature types (including possession), 2 new creatures (the Avarice Fiend and the Straw Golem), and 12 NPCs for your campaign.  With a little modification, this supplement can be used in any time period, using the d20 Modern(R) rules from Wizards of the Coast (R).



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