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Currently, we are in the market for games and accessories using the Active Exploits system from Politically Incorrect Games, and the D20 system.  Wizards of the Coast has opened up the D20 Modern rules, so in addition to Dungeons and Dragons 3rd Edition adventures and supplements, we're looking for ideas based on the new Modern rules.
Artists are encouraged to submit samples, any medium, any subject (though we'd prefer to see work suitable for a general audience-- no gore or excessive nudity, and then only when absolutely necessary).
Cartographers (map designers) who can design creative maps.
Payment is negotiable, though it probably won't be great.  (We'd prefer to use a "royalty" based schedule, with each contributor sharing in the profits.)  Creators will retain ownership of their original works, as much as legally possible.
We are pretty open to any good ideas.  If you have any questions, e-mail us at szymd@lycos.com.

(Here's the legal stuff...)

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"Active Exploits" is a trademark of Politically Incorrect Games.

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